Sic Bo Betting Options


Canadian gamblers have a great benefit when they choose to gamble online. This country has no legal restrictions pertaining to what sites players can access and since most sites support a large number of payment methods, players will easily be able to fund an account and enjoy classic casino games. Canadian online casino cater to players of all types, so there are tons of great slot games as well as a large assortment of table and card games. One game that is often enjoyed by Canadian gamblers is Sic Bo. This ancient card game has quickly become a popular choice at online casinos and it is pretty easy to learn.

While the game may look complicated and offers multiple betting options, it is pretty simple overall. It is played with three dice and players will be betting on the outcome of each roll. The game starts by selecting a wager and placing it on the area of the table that will correspond to the wager. After all wagers have been place, players will just click on Roll to set the dice in motion. Any area that is related to a bet that has been placed will light up if there is a win available and players will immediately collect their rewards.

The betting options when playing sic Bo can vary per casino, but most offer the basic bets, so players need to be aware of what these are so they can be ready to play the game. There are Triple Bets, which is won when the same number shows up on all three dice. A Specific Doubles Bet will win when two of the three dice reveal the same number. Specific Triple Bets win when three dice reveal numbers between 4 and 10. A small Bet will win if the value of all three dice is between 4 and 10. There is also a Big Bet, where the total must be between 11 and 17 to win. Another option is Total Bets, where players win when they wager on a specific number that equals the value of all three dice. Singe Die Bets are great for beginners and will offer a win if just one of the dice shows the number that has been bet on. Finally, there is the 2 Dice combination Bet, winning when 2 selected numbers appear in a roll.